Our Services

Glen Payroll Services Limited provides fully comprehensive payroll and related services, tailored to suit each client's needs.

Examples of the services are listed below:

Employees' permanent salary details are provided to clients on excel spreadsheets for use as payroll input documents for the following pay period, with columns for temporary variations etc.

Net Salaries & Wages are calculated from raw data provided by clients.

Security style payslips are provided for employees with copy for employer.

Employees' bank or building society accounts are credited by BACS.

Payments can be made to third parties for statutory & voluntary payroll deductions.

Numerous other standard or tailored reports are available from the payroll system.

All Inland Revenue year-end reports are produced, including P11D returns & Class 1A returns for NIC on benefits, at no extra charge. Internet facilities are also availible for tranmission of year end returns etc. to Inland Revenue.

All pension scheme year-end returns produced, at no extra charge.

Advice & guidance is provided on Income Tax, National Insurance & Pension matters.

Seminars for employers (individually or groups) on the day-to-day administration of the NHS Pension Scheme.

The payroll service charges are based on the numbers of payslips produced, with a set-up fee per new payroll record. Invoices submitted quarterly, in arrears.